Rigid Flex PCB Application & DesignWhen designing a rigid flex PCB, it is important to consider all of the relevant factors that will go into producing the right board for your application.

Rigid flex printed circuit boards (PCBs) are hybrid circuit boards that combine the characteristics of hardboards and flexible circuitry, with areas that are rigid for component assembly providing the same density as hard boards, and flexible areas connecting the rigid boards to one another. The design and construction of these circuits include multiple layers of rigid boards and flexible circuits.

In our Rigid Flex PCB Application & Design Guide, we outline what you need to know about:

  • The applications and environments in which rigid flex PCBs excel
  • Design pointers and recommendations to optimize the rigid flex PCB’s manufacturability, yield, cost, and lead times
  • How to successfully assemble and install your rigid flex PCB
  • And more, including insights about impedance and material layups

Get started on a great rigid flex PCB design by downloading our free guide today!